What we do

We specialise in

Copywriting, internal and external newsletters, web copy, marketing collateral

Press releases, damage limitation, speech writing

Social Media Management
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

Social Media Training
Social media updates, policy, strategy, content management

Inception to delivery – training and networking events to large scale conferences and gala dinners

How we can help you
If your marketing is not up to scratch, not producing the results you expected, or you need an extra pair of talons, please contact us.

We can help increase your profits, get you in the spotlight (and keep you out of it should the need arise) and improve your communications with your customers, prospects and stakeholders.

We are flexible, approachable, and dare we say it, friendly to boot. We can charge a daily rate, a project fee or agree a retainer. We believe our prices are extremely competitive and excellent value for money as we deliver exceptional results, on time and on budget.

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